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Brian Griffiths: Bill Murray

If you ain't a fan of contemporary art and if you definitely ain't a fan of Bill Murray I'm sorry to inform you, but you may have come to the wrong place. A few weeks ago I headed home to the beautiful, glorious north east of England for good ol' Christmas/family time but whilst I was there, there was one place I needed to go - The Baltic. The Baltic is an old flour mill which was converted into an art gallery in the early 2000's and I like to check out what exhibitions are on each time I'm home. But this time... This time wasn't just a "oh let's have a ganders around the gallery" no this time there was a need to ganders around the gallery because: Bill Murray.

I'm your typical Wes Anderson fan. I like the unique slightly fruity films he directs and he always uses one of my favourite actors - Mr Murray. He's a cool dude, the most attractive GILF, and would you believe it - he looks great plastered on the side of various sized buildings. Don't believe me? See for yourself. (Warning: images of Bill Murray looking happy, sad, perplexed and more make up 90% of this post. Proceed with caution).

As you can see, Griffiths has a slight Wes Anderson vibe to the space and content he's created which was really nice to walk around. When I ventured there it was pretty quiet which made the space quite relaxing and I'd definitely recommend having a look if you haven't already! If you're interested in checking out Griffith's fantastic exhibition at The Baltic, its still being shown until the 28th February and more information can be found, here.

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