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A Wee Lush Haul

Can we have a moment of silence please for the fact that my flat does not have a bathtub and therefore Lush baths are rarely indulged in therefore when I visit my family throughout the year, I take the opportunity to go a little or a lot of wild in Lush.

During the Christmas period, I was only at home for a few days so I didn't buy too much in Lush (plus, you have no idea how busy it was in the Newcastle Eldon Square store when I popped in. Honestly, hats off to the sales staff in there because they all had the patience of saints). I wanted a bathbomb, a face mask, and repurchased my favourite lip scrub. So first up let's talk about Mask of Magnaminty. This face mask is aimed at those who might battle with blemishes and aids in fighting breakouts and preventing further ones from happening. Its peppermint scented and smells beautiful. I'm a huge fan of peppermint - from candles to tea - and this mask, although obviously minty, didn't smell like toothpaste and didn't make your eyes water like some mint-scented products do. It left my skin lovely and soft after I rinsed it off and most important of all, it made my skin look healthy. It looked and felt hydrated and the redness of my spots were instantly reduced. This is definitely a mask I want to try for a longer period of time to see just how much help it can provide in the fight against spots.

Next up I purchased the Intergalactic, ground control to Major Bomb... bomb. This bathbomb is a mix of various oils but the peppermint and cedarwood scents makes it a perfect unisex bomb which meant I actually bought it for my brother. It is a great indulgent product as it creates beautiful colours and with the addition of popping candy, the bomb fizzes much more than you'd expect so its also perfect for bathtime with kids. My one word of caution? If you're not prepared to be finding gold glitter all over the bathroom and in fact the whole house for days afterwards, maybe steer clear of this one!

For myself, I picked up Father Christmas. This obviously is a bathbomb for the Christmas period and is only sold during the festive season so of course I had to give it a go. It is "festive scented" and supposed to get you in the holly jolly Christmas spirit but it really does just smell like candyfloss which I love. Its a sickly sweet bomb which won't appeal to some people - for instance my brother recoiled in horror when he sniffed it in the Lush bag! Its another great one for kids though. I popped it into the bath expecting to see a pinky, maybe red colour change in the water but instead it went bright green. I mean, radioactive, Merry-effin-Christmas green.

Bathing in the actual bomb, I realised the smell wasn't as sickly sweet as it was prior to it hitting the water, but its still sweet nevertheless. It left my skin very soft and I felt quite relaxed afterwards - plus there was a bonus of no glitter!

I also repurchased the Mint Julips Lip Scrub. Now I know I know, you can easily make DIY sugar scrubs at home but Lush make it so convenient to pick one up and let's face it, anything I made wouldn't smell or taste half as good as their scrubs do! I really love the mint julips flavour/scent as again, it's minty which I like, but it reminds me of mint chocolate ice cream and is a nice refreshing product to use at the start of my skincare routine every morning. Plus, the tub might seem small, but my last pot lasted me over a year - that's pretty good value for money.

- A.
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