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Reading has always been a big part of my life from a young age when my dad was a fun sucker and would only let me read before bed (no videos, no playtime for me - I know, shocking). In hindsight I thank him for forcing me to read because I really enjoy it and its not an aspect of my hobbies/pass times that I've shared on here, yet. So I thought it was high-time that I changed that and thought I would start sharing, now and again, what I've recently finished reading and give loose reviews on each book/comic/etc. that won't ruin it for anyone that is hoping to read any of the titles mentioned, but will give you guys a little insight or a chance for you to agree or disagree with what I thought! So let's kick things off with Dan Brown.

Whether you like his work or not, I've always kind of been a little bit in love with it. Its your classic thriller sort of story, almost James Bond-esque in the whole "boy meets girl" side vibes and each story never really disappoints. I'd been meaning to read Inferno for a while, but finally remembered back in July. Inferno takes place in Venice, with your classic main character, Robert Langdon, trying to work out what Dante's Inferno has to do with some big cataclysmic event which is about to take place. It is very much the same spiel Dan Brown readers are used to, but I particularly enjoyed this one. The thing I like about the series focusing on Robert Langdon is the facts. I love that Dan Brown works a butt-tone of facts into his fiction which always seems to fascinate me I mean, there's been countless times I've read something in a chapter and then had to google it and have a further read-up on the truth of it. Fascinating stuff. This may be why I've particularly enjoyed Inferno as I'm already a Dante fan and love art history, so I may be biased. Buy a copy here

Now let's talk comics (well, graphic novels if we're splitting hairs). Comics/graphic novels are a big favourite of mine and Blacksad has been on my radar for well over a year but again, I only recently took the dive to get it. What drew me in to Blacksad was the artwork. I'd seen a mini-review of it online and the artwork instantly struck me. Half of the fun of a graphic novel is the artwork and I've got to like the artwork to like the novel, so I knew only the story could let me down from this novel - but it didn't.

Blacksad essentially centres around a detective (Blacksad, if you hadn't of guessed) who you see work on several investigations. Nothing new or exciting or different except that he's a cat. His boss that he doesn't like? He's a dog. The slime ball guy in one of the stories? A frog. You see where I'm going with this right? These animal hybrid people might seem silly to some, but they work so well in the stories. You kind of switch off from the fact that they're animal people but at the same time, you'll be wowed by how spot on the choices for each character are. As you can see, the artwork is as good as I had hoped and truly makes the novel as the story is great, but not amazing. I'm used to reading graphic novels which have more *reading* and dialogue involved, but I'm still really interested in reading the rest of the Blacksad series that has been released thus far. Buy it here

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big big Morrissey fan. My lovely good friend Izzy (who's blog you can find here) and the boys from uni got me his Autobiography back in March for my birthday, which I have been reading sporadically since. I always sway more towards fiction when it comes to reading - the only things I like to read which isn't is books about serial killers (I'm full of joy, I know!) - but I mean, its Morrissey, I had to read it. As you could guess, its a must for Morrissey fans. Not just because its his autobiography so therefore about him and his life and history, but because it reads like Morrissey. It has the flowery language fans are used to from his interviews and common throughout his lyrics, so for me it was a nice read because of that. I'd also recommend it to anyone who is a big autobiography/biography reader because due to the style of writing, it is a little different from what you might be used to. Snap a copy up here

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