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We're Going to the Zoo Zoo

**Warning, this post is picture-heavy and full of adorable beasts**

You may recall a couple of weeks back that I mentioned Matt and I went to the zoo for belated anniversary celebrations and let's just say, I had the best time. We headed to Marwell Zoo as early as physically possible, and spent a good 4/5 hours there making sure to explore the whole park.

The zoo itself was great, and was kind of a breath of fresh air as the majority of the animals were ones I'd not ever seen before in zoos and appeared to be well looked after, in enclosures which were more than spacious. I tried to take a disgusting amount of photos, but as the weather was quite overcast, a lot of them came out rather dark and couldn't be saved. But here's a few of my favourites which came out a treat:

GiraffesZebraMarwell ZooMeerkatMeerkat GrinZooMother and Baby

If you couldn't tell, I really loved the meerkats during this trip. They're not an animal I usually get excited about at the zoo, but they're just so charismatic - they're great for photographing! I also fell in love with the modelling contract-worthy shy lemurs as you will see...

LemurMadagascarKing JulianAntlersExotic BirdsBird NestWallabyBirdMonkeys

The park is great for families, couples or groups of friends as the manor house grounds provide a gorgeous place to sit in relative quietness and have a picnic away from the busy crowds. The gardens are great for those who are interested in gardening and landscaping too as they have everything from cucumbers to strawberries to lavender growing in a deadly quiet fountain area. They also have a fantastic botanical/tropical centre full to the brim with bugs, the biggest fish I've ever seen, and some pretty crazy plants.

Marwelll ManorWater FountainBotanicalCrocodileFoliageTropical PlantsPlants

And if you haven't had enough yet, head over to my Flickr for yep you guessed it, even more photos!

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