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The Game Changer

We all need to take a minute or two to appreciate this little gadget. I bought this Soap & Glory Mini Mitt on a whim and it has not disappointed. It is a small handheld rubbery "mitt" which has a sticky back sucker so you can attach it to your bathroom tiles if you so wish, but when in use, you basically hold it in your hands and let it work its magic.

I have been using it most evenings after applying my usual cleansing lotion, using it to gently buff the cleanser around my face in upward circular motions. According to the packaging, it should ultimately aid in the blood flow to the surface of your skin. Honestly, I find it a bit gimmicky and can't really say I've noticed a difference in the "blood flow to the surface of my skin", but I have noticed my skin feeling much smoother and softer the mornings after use. As its rubbery, it gives your skin a very gentle exfoliation and as I suffer from acne, I think that's where its doing a grand job in smoothing my lumps and bumps and dry post-spot patches.

If you've been considering taking the plunge and investing in one of the pulsating silicone face brushes but the price has put you off, honestly consider this little nipper first. At £4 its a steal and acts essentially as a do it yourself clarisonic. I can also vouch for them being brilliant for cleaning makeup brushes. I will be posting my makeup "utensils" cleaning regime soon in which another of these mini mitt's feature, but for now, take my advice and buy one of these if you have any dense, stubborn to clean, bristle brushes. You can thank me later.

- A.

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