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A Wee Walk

Last weekend, Matt and I celebrated our two year anniversary and so decided to have a couple of days of doing just nice stuff together *que the "awwwhhhs"*

As the weather had been pretty rubbish up until the Friday, we decided as we were both off and the sun was shining to take a leisurely walk to The Plough. The Plough was like a hidden gem for us when we first got together - we stumbled across it on a walk and it has been a regular date spot since. As its quite out of town, we enjoy the long walk there and back through the gorgeous countryside too.

CottagesMatthewCiabatta LunchPub Lunch

The Plough does great food, so if you live in the Winchester area, definitely check it out. We just stuck to the separate lunch menu this time around and ordered some bacon, brie, and red onion marmalade sandwiches. They were brie-lliant (I know, I'm hilarious. I just can't be stopped). We sat outside in the deceivingly blazing hot sunshine and welcomed the curious stares from this little feathery fella below who was oh so photogenic. He looked rather disappointed when our plates of crumbs were taken back inside as we left. But now I know him and his fam are there, I want to steal them all.

RobinRobinWinchester Countryside

Matt & I are heading to the local cheese and chilli festival this weekend to take advantage of the free tasting stalls and then take many disguises so we can go back to each stall again and again like Peter Griffin in Family Guy - I jest, but it is a mighty good idea. I hope you all have something nice planned too!

- A.

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