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St. Faith's Cemetery

I know some of you will be like "what." at this, but I love graveyards/cemeteries. Those reading who know me will find that hilarious because I'm always "the goth" of my groups of friends, but I really do love them. There's just something about how calm they are and on a sunny day, they look gorgeous and full of nature.

St. Faith's cemetery is somewhere Matt and I have passed a couple of times and I've always wanted to have a nosy look inside. Its only small, but as its quite hidden by a main road near the city centre, I've always been intrigued. Recently, I finally conned Matt into taking a peak inside but unfortunately, it wasn't all that interesting. I'm always on the hunt for interesting headstones and graves when I'm in a cemetery but this one was quite old so many of the headstones had deteriorated, but it was still a quiet and tranquil walk around in the blazing sunshine.

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