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St. Catherine's Hill

When the weather is good, walks are a must for Matthew & I. We like to wake up really early and set off on a good 8+ mile walk to one of our favourite nature spots and just enjoy the quiet before everyone else follows suit.

Last Sunday, we got up relatively late for one of our walks (6:30am) and hot-footed it to St. Catherine's Hill. Living in Winchester means you have the luck of an extremely bustling city centre and a calm countryside literally a matter of minutes away from each other if carry on walking in one direction. St. Catherine's Hill is a hotspot for just about everyone in the area as a site of an old hill fort, it provides amazing views across the whole of Winchester and the surrounding area.

RiverTree HouseSt. Catherine's Hill Tree RootsSt. Catherine's HillSt . Catherine's Hill ViewWinchesterLeavesMycologyWinchester Countryside

After a very sweaty walk (it was horrifically hot for that time of the morning!), we needed refueling so we made a pit-stop at Ruby Reds. Ruby's is a rustic diner/burrito place and we frequent it regularly for their mouthwatering burgers and sweet potato fries. However, we realised we'd never actually been there for breakfast?! Shocking I know. After much deliberation which was the better option, cinnamon waffles and ice cream or pancakes with bacon, Matt and I ate ourselves into very satisfying food comas. You know its love when your boyfriend tells you he's proud of you for polishing off a plate of 5 pancakes without a second glance.

Full English BreakfastPancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup

If you'd like to see more photos of our walk, head over to my Flickr!

- A.

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